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Aubrey ([personal profile] starshaped) wrote2008-03-12 06:25 pm

LJ syndication of my blog.

So, I've stopped crossposting weblog entries to this Livejournal. Instead, I set up an LJ-syndicated feed of my weblog, so to read those, just add [ profile] seventeen_ to your friends list. You'll get my weblog updates as if they're being updated from that account.

Come on. You know you want to add it to your friends list!

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Done as well.

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is it going to be like...2 sentences & then an lj-cut? some of the syndications i've seen in the past have been like that, & it annoys me.

lj-cuts do in general, if they cut content rather than surveys.

just wondering.

your obnoxious friend linda.

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It should be the full text; that's how I set up my feeds to go. And there won't be any cuts!

I actually like the lj-cut if there's a ton of pics or something in a post, just because some people may still be stuck on dialup (I know a TON of people who are in Scott's family) and may not want the images to load.

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yeah, well that's okay too. when i meant "content"...i meant like, just a really long journal words. i mean really, if someone doesn't want to read what a person has to say...why have them on your friends list?

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Dun and Dunner!

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Well, you seem cool, so maybe I do.